Process Control in Steel Production



Iron and steel are in high demand worldwide and optimizing the production process is given high priority by the industry. Product quality and batch reproducibility are of highest importance as is cost reduction of the process. One set of variables that need to be monitored and controlled in order to ensure the best possible product are the gaseous compounds H2, CO, CO2, H2O involved in the production process.


V&F offers mass spectrometric multicomponent analyzers to monitor a set of gaseous target compounds simultaneously. The instrumentation determines the various concentrations within a measurement cycle time of a few seconds with an accuracy of 5%. Typical conditions to be monitored are the carbon output (CO, CO2 and H2) vs. oxygen input, argon and nitrogen concentrations. These parameters provide information about process efficiency, diffusion properties and potential system leaks.


Owing to key features such as direct sampling capability, ease of implementation into existing IT/PLC environments and fast data acquisition V&F instruments are best suited for process control. Process parameters can be altered accordingly leading to a more efficient work flow and ultimately cost reduction. Employing V&F mass spectrometers during steel production constitutes an economical way to optimize the process and the quality of the final product.


  • Real-time measurement of H2, CO, CO2, H2O
  • Highly accurate
  • Easy implementatinon into IT/PLC environments

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