Quality Control of PET Recycling (PET Flakes)



Of all the recyclable PET containers a certain number is subject to misuse i.e. filling with solvents, fuels and other substances harmful to the human health. Post-Consumer Recycled PET (PCR PET) consists of recycled PET content collected from the consumer waste stream. During the recycling process the PET is cleaned, shredded into flakes and subsequently transformed into raw materials for further use. If contaminated PET is shredded it may affect clean PET flakes by migration of harmful compounds. Quality control of PET flakes requires a measurement method that quickly scans batches of PET flakes and detects characteristic impurities instantly to exclude off-grade material from entering further production steps.


The cutting edge IMR-technology (Ion Molecule Reaction) by V&F is capable of quickly detecting typical contaminants emitted from PET flakes such as acetone, chlorobenzene or toluene. The range of measurable components is wide and includes organic compounds as well as inorganic contaminants. The robust design of the V&F mass spectrometers guarantees low maintenance effort and high reliability. V&F mass spectrometers can be equipped with a variety of interfaces to ensure proper embedding into the process control environment.


Without the need for sampling V&F online mass spectrometers deliver results in real time. Potentially hazardous emanations from PET flakes can be determined with high sensitivity and selectivity. The IMR-technology is able to scan batches of PET flakes within a very short time scale and thus serves as a powerful tool in quality control of PET recycling.


  • Qualtiy control of pet flakes
  • Organic and inorganic compounds
  • Easy implementation into IT/PLC environments

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