Drug Bioavailability



Determination of the time to availability after ingestion of therapeutic pharmaceutical is of major concern in pharmacokinetics. Thymol is a naturally occurring drug with proven antimicrobial activity. It is widely used to combat symptoms of common cold. In order to determine its availability in the respiratory system a breath test needs to be performed.


Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometry (IMR-MS) is a state-of-the-art method employed in breath analysis. V&F’s AirSense can be used to determine changes in exhaled air composition in real time. Owing to the system’s high sensitivity down to part-per-billion concentrations the availability of thymol in the lung was already recorded 5 minutes after ingesting a tablet containing 300mg of the substance.


Breath analysis using IMR-MS constitutes a cutting edge technology that facilitates detailed pharmacokinetic studies. V&F mass spectrometers are capable to detect administered substances or their metabolic products, which are exchanged at the interface between the circulatory and respiratory system. Measurements can be taken at the mouth or the nose on a breath-by-breath basis to obtain time resolved bioavailability data.


  • Monitoring pharmacokinetics via breath analysis
  • Continuous measurements
  • High sensitivity and versatility

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