Real Time Monitoring of Propofol in Expired Air



Propofol is routinely used as anaesthetic during operations and as sedative in postoperative intensive care. The actual knowledge of propofol blood plasma levels would help the anaesthetist to adjust the administered dose. However, currently there exist no online techniques that would allow for direct real time monitoring.


Owing to its physicochemical characteristics a proportion of intravenously administered propofol leaves the blood stream via diffusion into the lung and is subsequently expired. Propofol concentrations in expired air are correlated to its blood plasma levels and can be detected by Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometry (IMR-MS), a proprietary technology of V&F. The Airsense system by V&F is capable of detecting minute changes in concentrations and therefore facilitates non-invasive real time monitoring of propofol.


V&F mass spectrometers can be used in clinical settings without interrupting routine work. Their high versatility allows for easy integration into standard monitoring system. Via a connection to airway management systems such as an endotracheal tube the equipment is capable of measuring a variety of substances including propofol output. Through combination with EIMS coincident measurement of carbon dioxide, oxygen and propofol become possible.


  • Connectivity to airway management systems
  • Breath-by-breath monitoring
  • Ease of use

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