Non-invasive Diagnosis of Diseases using Breath Analysis



Breath analysis is a rapidly growing field in non-invasive diagnostics.  One of the best known examples is attest to determine stomach ulcers caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. A major setback of most tests, however, is that samples need to be sent to specialized laboratories for analysis and reporting of the results may take days or weeks. The availability of direct measurement equipment would significantly reduce the time to diagnose an underlying disease.


V&F offers equipment based on Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometry (IMR-MS) that is capable of analysing breath online and offline. IMR-MS achieves a very high specificity and sensitivities down to part per billion levels. The V&F CombiSense system has been used for detecting biomarkers in cystic fibrosis, liver disease or prediabetic stages to name a few examples. A specifically developed gas inlet allows for real time breath-by-breath monitoring or single breath analysis of a range of compounds.


V&F equipment is highly versatile and can readily adapted to clinical or laboratory settings. Straightforward calibration routines facilitate simultaneous monitoring of disease relevant biomarkers and the implementation of an immediate reporting capability opens the way for fast non-invasive diagnosis.


  • Non-invasive diagnosis
  • Breath analysis
  • Biomarker detection

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