Early Detection of Bacteria



Timely identification of bacteria causing infections is vital to determine appropriate antibiotic treatment and hence a positive outcome for the patient. However, routine microbiological culturing can still take days until a result can be presented to the physician. New methods are needed to accomplish a more rapid identification of the pathogen to facilitate faster diagnosis and subsequent therapy.


During growth bacterial cultures emit a variety of volatile substances as a result of their metabolism. Each bacterial species produces a set of compounds that are unique to this species or even strain. By measuring the composition of volatile above a culture species identification is accomplished in a rapid manner. Owing to their very high sensitivity Ion Molecule Mass Spectrometers by V&F can detect even minute changes in concentration and hence help identifying the pathogen on a short time scale.


V&F mass spectrometric equipment is compatible with commercially available autosampling systems and readily adapted to measure a wide range of compounds in the headspace above bacterial cultures. The necessity of permanent staff presence is reduced through the systems continuous monitoring capability. Via integrated communication facilities results can be viewed remotely and infection specific antibiotic therapy induced in a timely manner.


  • Real time monitoring of bacterial growth
  • Direct measurements above culture
  • Autosampling capabilities

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