Hydrocarbon and Other Impurities in Calibration and Specialty Gas Mixtures



Calibration gas mixtures for analytical purposes and specialty gases for medical applications are routinely checked for impurities during the quality control process. This is usually done by an array of gas chromatographs equipped with various detection devices. These techniques need at least 20 minutes on average to yield a result. Online mass spectrometry can speed up the process significantly.


The AirSense mass spectrometer by V&F is capable of performing an analysis of impurities in calibration gas mixtures in less than a second. This not only applies to organic compounds but also to inorganic substances. Here, the powerful Ion Molecule Reaction technology (IMR) excels in sensitivity and selectivity. Detection limits for typical impurities in calibration gases are in the low ppb range. V&F mass spectrometers can be equipped with a variety of interfaces to ensure proper embedding into the process control environment. In addition, printing of certificates is optionally available.


V&F online mass spectrometers deliver results in real time. Technologies such as Gas Chromatography based instrumentation require several minutes for a measurement and several instruments are needed for determining the compounds an AirSense IMR-MS measures in a single setup. V&F mass spectrometers enable the operator to adapt the instrument quickly to new measurement routines or to expand current measurement setups by adding new compounds of interest. A compact design aids its mobility and a change of the measurement site can easily be realized within a working day.


  • Real-time measurement
  • High sensitivity and high selectivity
  • Organic and inorganic compounds

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