Puff–by-Puff online Cigarette Smoke Analysis of Hoffmann Analytes



Analytical procedures in the tobacco industry become increasingly more demanding as new governmental guidelines are introduced and consumer expectations are constantly on the rise. Only the highest standard of quality control will ensure that the market demands are met. Tobacco smoke contains thousands of components that effect aroma and toxicity. Typically mainstream concentrations of constituents known as the Hoffmann analytes are measured by the industry in laboratories worldwide requiring a fast, accurate and reliable method.


TobaccoSense constitutes a dedicated mass spectrometer based on V&F’s proprietary technology Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometry (IMR-MS) combined with Electron Impact Mass Spectrometry (EIMS). This instrument is capable of measuring a predefined set of Hoffmann analytes puff-by-puff under ISO smoking conditions in real time without the need for trapping or pre-concentration. Features such as background compensation and calibration capability as well as a dedicated software toolbox guarantee reproducibility of measurements. There is no need for further data processing as peak recognition, signal integration and multi-component analysis is handled by intelligent software. Concentrations are presented puff-by- puff and as a sum total for each cigarette to facilitate direct comparison between batches.


TobaccoSense is a highly versatile instrument that facilitates continuous real time monitoring of multiple components with highest precision. It is readily integrated into existing quality control systems and serves the analytical needs of the tobacco industry. Through aroma profiling of tobacco blends and smoke analysis TobaccoSense can help to develop new products with new aroma combinations and reduced concentrations of smoke toxicants.


  • Measurement of Hoffmann analytes in accordance with ISO regimes
  • No sample preparation, real time results
  • Dedicated software Toolbox

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