Aroma Gas Phase Analysis of Cigarette Paper



Cigarette paper production involves a range of natural raw materials that may vary in quality and likewise in attributes such as their odor and aroma. Dependent upon these characteristics and various production steps the final product may turn out unsatisfactory with respect to its aroma consistency. This could lead to complaints from the tobacco industry buying the paper for cigarette production or from end users of cigarette rolling paper.


Aroma as well as odor result from a combination of volatile and semi-volatile compounds that are present during all stages of production. The V&F TobaccoSense with its patented IMR-MS technique is capable of analyzing the composition of gas phase volatiles and hence facilitates reliable real-time quality control of raw materials and the final product. Furthermore the results are not influenced by changes in humidity during the process nor is there a need for sample preparation.


Most classical analytical methods are costly and time consuming. Sensory panels require highly specialized personnel judging aroma and smell to deliver reliable albeit subjective results fit for decision making. In contrast, IMR-MS is a powerful tool to characterize odors and smells objectively during all steps of cigarette paper production in real time. This ranges from inspection of raw materials to quality control of the finished product. The IMR-MS technique is capable of detecting minute changes in the volatile gas composition. Thus, consistent high quality of the produced cigarette paper and ultimately customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • Objective evaluation of odors
  • Real time process monitoring
  • Quality control of raw materials & final product

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