Dioxin Formation in Waste Incinerators



Dioxins (polychlorinated dibenzodioxins, PCDDs) are amongst the most hazardous substances produced during incineration of waste. Its emission is regulated and needs to be monitored at all times. Current continuous sampling methods are time consuming and only produce average dioxin output dependent upon integration time. Real time online methods to determine dioxin concentrations and parameters of its formation are scarce.


Chlorinated hydrocarbon contaminants (CHCs) are precursors in dioxin formation and their measurement has been proven vital for optimization of the furnace performance with regard to dioxin emission. Ion Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometry (IMR-MS) –the proprietary technology of V&F– can measure CHCs down to parts-per-billion level, report changes immediately and hence facilitates timely intervention to control the incineration process.


IMR-MS mass spectrometers by V&F provide the means for real time monitoring of dioxin formation and related emissions from incinerators. Their cutting edge technology and online capability makes time consuming sampling procedure a necessity of the past. V&F equipment can help to optimize furnace conditions by monitoring CHCs in a way that dioxin output is minimized.


  • Online measurements without sample preparation
  • Determination of dioxine / CHC concentrations
  • Process optimization

Applicable instruments