V&F Newsletter 02 2015 - 12 November 2015 - nur in Englisch erhältlich!

Welcome to the new release of our V&F Newsletter – a service of the V&F Analyse- und Messtechnik Team!

In this newsletter we inform you about the following topics:

  • Flash memory article replacement
  • Heated Valco Valve Box available
  • New cabinets with cooling device available

Flash memory article replacement

Within all V&F analyzers there is an industrial CPU with an integrated Disk on Module (DOM, V&F article number 800017). Those DOM are flash memories that are used instead of a hard disc drive.

Due to the fact that those DOM are hardly available on the market, we’ll replace them by new industrial grade Compact Flash (CF) modules (V&F article number 800455). The capacity of the new modules will be 8 GB compared to the 4 GB of the DOM.

This is a prerequisite for the exchange of the operating system from Windows XP embedded to Windows Embedded Standard 7.


Flash module CF - V&F article number 800455

Heated Valco Valve Box available

From time to time we get inquiries for applications that require multiple sampling points. One solution would be to attach a Valco valve from Valco Instruments Co. Inc. (VICI) to the sample inlet of our analyzers.

We could offer such Valco valves with a different number of positions, fitting sizes and selectors:


Valco valve with Dead end (SD) selector:


Valco valve with Common outlet (SC) selector:


Valco valve with Flow through (SF) selector:

We could also deliver the Valco valve in a heated box that can be mounted e.g. on a wall:


Heated Valco Valve Box - Front view


Heated Valco Valve Box - Side view

New cabinets with cooling device available

Besides our standard enclosures for the V&F analyzers, we can offer to assemble the instrument within a Rittal housing. The integrated air condition unit is mounted on top of the cabinet and enables to operate the V&F analyzer in environments with an ambient temperature between +10 °C and +55 °C.


Cabinet (H=1200) with cooling device - V&F article number 800431

The size of the cabinet itself is 120 x 60 x 60 cm (H x W x D) for all our analyzers (except the TwinSense). In total the height will be 170 cm, cabinet plus the top mounted air condition unit and the wheels.