V&F Newsletter 02 2013 - 30 September 2013 - nur in Englisch erhältlich!

Welcome to the new release of our V&F Newsletter – a service of the V&F Analyse- und Messtechnik Team!

In this newsletter we inform you about the following topics:

  • Brand new CombiSense Model 2013 has been released
  • "Dual Capillary Inlet" is available
  • New documents published on the V&F website
  • New workflow for exchange articles

Brand new CombiSense Model 2013 has been released

V&F proudly presents the brand new CombiSense model 2013. The CombiSense is a combination of an Electron Impact (EI-MS) and an Ion-Molecule Reaction (IMR-MS) mass spectrometer in one analyzer unit for a broad range of applications.


Features, benefits:

  • Separate vacuum systems (chambers, turbo pumps) for IMR-MS and EI-MS
  • EI-MS is independent from IMR-MS source gas switching and thus the setup creation process is simplified
  • Enhanced performance for N2O measurements

"Dual Capillary Inlet" is available

The "Dual capillary Inlet" is an add-on product for the V&F process mass spectrometers that has been developed at V&F. It can be mounted on the gas inlet panel of an analyzer and allows the user to switch between two sample gas inlets.


Features, benefits:

  • Sampling from two positions with a switching time below 1 sec
  • Original external capillaries can be used
  • V&Fs established capillary inlet system

Download section

New documents published on the V&F website

V&F has published further documents in the category „Technical Descriptions“. You can download these documents in the download section. To get access to the documents a login to the V&F website is required.
The latest Technical Descriptions cover the following issues:

New workflow for exchange articles

V&F offers some spares parts as standard articles as well as so called “exchange” articles. The latter are refurbished articles that are sold for a lower price. To offer our distributors such exchange articles we need to get the used articles back. Due to the fact that the return of the original articles has slowed down in recent months, we have decided to change the workflow as follows:

  • If you order an exchange article, we’ll ship the exchange article
  • We’ll invoice the price for the standard article unless the return article had been sent back before we ship
  • As soon as we receive the return article, we’ll send you a credit note about the differential amount between new and exchange article
  • Please note that we’ll accept only return shipments with a delivery note specifying included V&F article numbers
  • Please note that we’ll not bear any shipping and customs costs for returned articles

This new workflow will be initiated on the 1st of January 2014. Please send back all exchange articles that you have on stock by the end of this year. In 2014 you will get credit notes for returned articles only if you order an exchange article in parallel.

Download section

You can find a list of affected articles and corresponding exchange articles here.