History of V&F: 1985 - 1989

Scientific work at several universities like Innsbruck (Austria), Boulder (USA), Southampton (UK), Paris (France), Greifswald (Germany), Trento (Italy) led to the development of instruments to simulate reactions of atoms and molecules in space (interstellar clouds).

These research works were the prerequisites for the Ion-Molecule Reaktion Mass Spectrometry (IMR-MS) which is the core technology used for most of the V&F Analyzers. Today IMR is one of the most sensitive techniques to detect impurities in gases.


V&F has been founded by  Johannes Villinger  (the "V") and Werner Federer (the "F"). Both are physicists from their background and V&F started as a spin-off from the University of Innsbruck.



The first analyzer developed by V&F was the CI-MS 500 model. This analyzer was introduced in 1986 and this was the beginning of serial production of mass spectrometers at V&F.



The company moved from Arzl to Absam, V&F got the award for start-up entrepreneurs and the new analyzer SIMS 500 controlled by SCP (a DOS programm) was introduced.

1988 was also the start of the development of automotive applications in collaboration with BMW in Munich (Germany).



The first resale agreement for V&F Analyzers was signed with PMS AB, a swedish company active in the field of analytical instruments. 

V&F got the Plansee award for developments in industrial and environmental fields.

The analyzer model CI-MS 1000 was released to the market.