Typical Applications

  • Quality control of raw materials including tobacco, filter pads and cigarette paper
  • Detection of mould formation in fruit preparations
  • Rapid impurity monitoring of raw milk
  • Differentiation of ethanol in various production steps
  • Rapid inspection of different beers
  • Differentiation of various qualities of hay
  • Quality assurance of different fruit juice concentrates
  • Detection of faked rice
  • Quality control of cheese
  • Identification and differentiation of bacteria
  • Kinetics of bacteria
  • Identification of the rancid nuts
  • Process control smoking of salmon
  • Fermentation monitoring of dairy products (sfca – short chain fatty acids)
  • Offnote detection of functional ingredients
  • Differentiation of liver diseases
  • Monitoring of oxidative stress in ARDS
  • Bioavailability