Strategic alliance between V&F and OMD


Leading manufacturers of advanced ion molecular reaction mass spectrometers (IMR-MS), V&F Analyse- und Messtechnik GmbH (‘V&F’) of Absam, Austria announces that it has just concluded a major strategic alliance agreement with Oxford Medical Diagnostics Limited (‘OMD’), the specialist for non-invasive diagnostic breath analysis spin-out from the University of Oxford.

V&F’s analytical instruments are some of the most sensitive available, and are used worldwide in many industries including healthcare, oil & gas, aerospace, automotive, agriculture, food & drink, and environmental monitoring. In many cases they are capable of detecting impurities at concentrations of just a few parts in a billion.
OMD target an ‘Acetone Breath Analyser’ – based on their proprietary infra-red absorption spectroscopy – which will be used to screen, diagnose and monitor type 1 and type 2 diabetes. A version of the device will also be used to monitor responsible weight-loss in healthy individuals. Product launches are scheduled for 2012.
The agreement between the two companies, which has several components, appoints Oxford Medical Diagnostics as V&F’s sales representative in the UK & Eire and also allows for sales of V&F’s high performance mass spectrometry analysers via OMD’s website, and growing network of customers and collaborators. With the support of V&F, OMD will also establish a contract batch sample analysis service using a V&F mass spectrometer based in their Oxford laboratories.
‘This is a great alliance for OMD, linking us to one of the most talented molecular analysis companies in the world. It brings analytical know-how, and the opportunity to earn revenues – such an important discipline for early stage companies such as ours,’ commented Dr Tony Marchington, CEO at OMD.
‘We project an exciting future working with OMD,’ said Dr Werner Federer, President at V&F. ‘Diabetes and life-style weight loss represent a massive opportunity for both our companies.’