New V&F distributor in Saudi Arabia – Orbitus Arabia Co Ltd

Leading manufacturers of advanced ion molecular reaction mass spectrometers (IMR-MS), V&F Analyse- und Messtechnik GmbH (‘V&F’) of Absam, Austria announces that it has just concluded a major strategic resale agreement with Orbitus Arabia Co Ltd (‘Orbitus Arabia’), a trusted provider of complete solutions for process analytical and instrumentation systems.

V&F’s analytical instruments are some of the most sensitive available, and are used worldwide in many industries including healthcare, oil & gas, aerospace, automotive, agriculture, food & drink, and environmental monitoring. In many cases they are capable of detecting impurities at concentrations of just a few parts in a billion.

Orbitus Arabia was established by Axis Engineering Pte Ltd; Singapore and Umbersoll Japan Co Ltd. Today Orbitus provides continious emission monitoring and stack monitoring systems, LNG sampling systems and specialized components. Orbitus offers complete turnkey packaged analyzer systems for the oil & gas industry and process industry.